Woman for a cause

To coincide with International Women’s Day, founders Daniela and Emma and the team at Bobby met with Fitted for Work, a not for profit organisation dedicated solely to helping women of all ages enter the workforce. Closets were picked apart and loved ones called upon to pull items of clothing that would have more use, love, and appreciation from another woman.

International Women’s Day celebrates the rights of women globally and applauds their contributions to social, economic, cultural and political arenas. It’s a time when we need to band together to support each other, and for Bobby this year, that means supporting and helping others through meaningful employment. Because equal opportunities should be available to all, no matter what your background. 

The idea for Fitted for Work originated in New York City in 2005, when cofounders Renata Singer and Marion Webster, were introduced to an organisation known as the Bottomless Closet –  a group that supported women experiencing economic disadvantages in the process of finding work. After researching this model, the co-founders found that there was no existing organisation in Australia.

Initiated in 2005, Fitted for Work offers a range of services and programs designed to support women who are experiencing hardship. These women may have escaped domestic violence, may be newly arrived refugees or migrants, women experiencing homelessness, or exiting the prison system. Their ultimate goal is to find meaningful employment.

The process at Fitted for Work includes an outfitting service, interview preparation, resume hubs and mentor programs. The outfitting service is supported by the generosity of women and corporate partners who kindly donate their clothing. However, some donations, although they are of a high quality, are not appropriate to wear to work. That’s where The Conscious Closet comes in. As Fitted for Works second social enterprise, The Conscious Closet was created to resourcefully manage the high number of clothing donations received ensuring not a single donation goes to waste but is instead donated, recycled or turned into new garments.

As women in the workforce, we are fortunate to have a level of economic security that is not afforded to every woman in Australia.  Although money does not buy happiness, it can and does buy choice.  We can choose to stay, choose to leave or choose to start again. Even small contributions such as clothing donations will go a long way to change the lives of women experiencing difficulties. 

Donating as little as a dollar a day can support three women a year to achieve their goal of financial independence. There are a number of different ways you can get involved, including donating quality work appropriate clothing for the outfitting service, volunteering or contributing a financial donation. Every little bit helps. 

Fitted for Work have helped 28,000 women around Australia since launching in 2005.

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Website: https://fittedforwork.org