Meet Dani and Emma. A duo from Australia, who together believe that working as a team far surpasses that of working as an individual.

What started out as a playful project in an old workplace many moons ago, Dani and Emma's dedication to Bobby has quickly snowballed into a fully fledged creative relationship that blends innovation, quality, joy and hard work, always with a customer-first focus. 

"We wanted to create no-brainer accessories that stood as far away from the term fast as possible," says Emma. "Education has taught me too much about what synthetic fashion does to our landfills. People once judged me for how much I spent on clothing. Standing where I am today, I far prefer peoples judgement and clothing made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials, compared to synthetic and man-made fast fashion that mother earth cannot break down. For me, It was time that something else was introduced that encompassed forever-style, with forever-quality at its roots". Thus, Daniela and Emma created the values we see today, and Bobby was born.

Through years of hard work, it took the duo over two years to perfect the quality of the pieces available today. "We combated through countless suppliers across the world to ensure that Bobby survived the most rigorous quality tests, " Dani says. "The work put into the quality speaks for itself, and we are now really excited to showcase what we have been able to achieve alongside our artisan team and leather tanneries."

As heart-lead individuals, each Dani and Emma take pride in their deep spiritual practice. With daily focus and mantra on maintaining balance in work, life and love. It's no secret to anyone in business that there come challenges in working as a partnership. What comes with what some may see as a challenge, Dani and Emma see as opportunity for development and growth. "The beauty of working as a team, means that our quest for creativity never dies. When one is feeling flat, the other picks them up. When one presents a challenge, the other presents an outcome", says Emma. "The loop never closes. There is so much strength in support, and at the end of the day we can't forget that we are all human beings. The sooner you admit to needing a helping hand, the sooner you will find your inner happiness. For me, the biggest blessing is having a truly open mind and training your thoughts to speak from love and positivity.  I honestly believe this is one of the key values to keeping any partnership on track."

Today, Dani and Emma focus their energy on giving back to the community and earth, while they continue their journey of presenting beautiful pieces that they hope will remain in ones closet. For a lifetime and more.